Community-Based Strategy Reporting Requirements

Community-Based Strategy Grantee Acceptance and Understanding (GAU) Forms - The grantee shall receive the Grant Award Notification email approximately three to four weeks after the ZSR Board of Trustees meet. At or about the same time, the award notification is emailed and the Grantee Acceptance and Understanding Form (the contract between the Foundation and grantee) will be placed in the grantee’s online account. Reference the GAU form for earliest availability of grant funds.  The Grantee Acceptance and Understanding Form is submitted only once for the duration of the grant.

Community Progress Fund Grantee Acceptance and Understanding (GAU) Form

Community Progress Fund Final Report - The Foundation requires that the grantee completes a Final Report at a designated time after the grant payment is issued. In the Final Report, grantees will address the results of the grant and provide a financial accounting indicating how the grant funds were expended in accordance with the Grantee Acceptance and Understanding Form.

The following budget requirements should be submitted online by the grantee between July 1 and September 15 after the end of the grant period. (Please refer to the Grantee Acceptance and Understanding Form under Grant Schedule section.)

In lieu of a written narrative, Community Progress Fund grantees are required to participate in a phone or video conference conversation with ZSR staff to verbally report back on the outcome(s) of the Community Progress Fund grant. After the grantee submits the above Budget Requirements, the grantee should expect to be contacted by ZSR to schedule a one-hour phone conversation. Participating in this conversation will complete the Final Report process, in addition to submitting the "Budget Requirements."

ZSR hopes that grantees will consider this an opportunity to engage ZSR in candid conversation regarding relevant community context, challenges, and progress. This conversation is not intended to solely highlight successes. ZSR highly values the opportunity to reflect in partnership with grantees, and to better understand how funds were spent in accordance with the intent of the grant.

Sample Community Progress Fund Final Report