What to Expect After Submitting an Application

1. Application Processing

During the first two weeks after the online grant deadline date, Foundation staff will process and review all applications. The applicant will then recieve an email indicating receipt of the application as to whether the application and documents are complete or whether additional information is needed.

2. Foundation Due Diligence

Foundation staff has designated the last week of August through mid-September or the last week of February through mid-March (depending on the online grant deadline) to conduct site visits to gather more information about the application and/or the organization or project. A "site visit" can be in the form of a phone call, a Skype session, or an in-person visit. A site visit can take place at the organization's office, the Foundation's office, or at a central location. NOTE: Not every organization will require a site visit. If your application was detailed enough and needs no further explanation, a site visit may not be necessary.

3. Initial Board Review

By the last week of September (or March), the Board of Trustees will conduct an initial review of grant applications. After the review, the Foundation will notify the organizations whose applications will not receive funding due to a lack of alignment with the Board's funding priorities. NOTE: Grant cycles are highly competetive. It is important to review ZSR's List of Rarely Funded Uses, Programs and Activities.

4. Final Review/Board Meeting

The Board of Trustees will meet the third weekend of May or November to conduct their final review of the grant applications. By the following Tuesday, organizations will be sent an email notification of the Board's decision.

5. Formal Grant Award Notification

The Foundation reserves a limited amount of time for legal processing before a notification of the grant award is emailed to the grantee. The grantee will receive a Grant Award Notification email and the Grantee Acceptance and Understanding Form (GAU). The GAU Form explains the particulars of the grant award.

Please do not mail in copies of the signed Grantees Acceptance Forms or email them to our Program Officers. We will only accept these documents through our online system.