All For NC: Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation's Framework for Grantmaking and Learning

The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation has always strived to support the efforts of North Carolinians to make our state a better place for everyone. Our state is undergoing considerable change and growth, and competing and complex ideas abound. As we traveled the state, we heard from many North Carolinians that they feel great uncertainty about the future. For us, this was an indication that being flexible and adaptable are key. For a grantmaker like ZSR, that means being open to learning with others and adapting as we go. It also means leaving behind a siloed approach of discreet focus areas and instead fostering intersections among multiple issues that better reflect the interconnectedness of both need and opportunity. We’ve adhered to our mission and core values while simultaneously reaching into the broader landscape of possibilities to develop our three-pronged Framework for Grantmaking and Learning.

Watch this short video (below) that explains our All For NC Framework.