Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Staff

Maurice "Mo" Green

Executive Director / Co-Lead for Strengthening Democracy
336-725-7541 ext 105
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Program Staff

Joy Vermillion Heinsohn

Assistant Director
336-725-7541 ext 106
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James Gore

Program Officer, Social Justice and Equity
336-725-7541 ext 124
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Tracey Greene-Washington

Program Officer, Community Economic Development
336-725-7541 ext 112
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Natalie Blake

Program Officer, Public Education
336-725-7541 ext 133
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Tom Lambeth

Director Emeritus
336-725-7541 ext 119
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Allie Garrett

Associate Program Officer / Co-Lead for Strengthening Democracy
336-725-7541 ext 113
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Administrative Staff

Terry Lockamy

Business Manager
336-725-7541 ext 101
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Pat Williamson

Executive Assistant
336-725-7541 ext 116
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Larita Bell

Travel/Meeting Coordinator
336-725-7541 ext 103
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Barbara Mabe

IT Administrator, Bookkeeper
336-725-7541 ext 115
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Gloria Puckett

Grants Administrator
336-725-7541 ext 109
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Jill Ray

Administrative Assistant
336-725-7541 ext 110
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Communications Staff

Shaheen Syal

Director of Communications
336-725-7541 ext 104
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