Community Progress Fund

Sometimes, a local organization, idea or project needs that extra boost at just the right time to make progress toward an end goal.

The Community Progress Fund provides an infusion of short-term funding for organizations to test ideas, expand promising efforts and achieve greater impact in their communities. Grants are meant to help groups build on existing momentum to move an issue, organization, idea or project forward.

Applications for the Community Progress Fund are currently closed.

ZSR accepts applications annually, and grant amounts range from $20,000-$30,000 per year for one or two years. Applications are typically accepted in January and awards are announced in May.

Through the process, ZSR wants to learn how applicants define “progress” and how short-term funding will help them make that progress. The criteria for this program are intentionally broad so that we can be responsive to organizations’ diverse needs. 

Learn how past grant partners used funds to drive progress in their communities: