Collaborative Problem-Solving

At the local level, North Carolina’s communities are facing diverse challenges, from hunger to high housing costs to poor water quality. No matter the issue, when people work together across lines of difference to create solutions, it can lead to meaningful and lasting change.  

ZSR’s Collaborative Problem-Solving program supports people and organizations working at the local level to tackle problems and create solutions together. The approach is grounded in collaboration, inclusivity and resourcefulness, and requires authentic engagement of people with many different views, voices and experiences.

Because every community’s assets, challenges and opportunities are unique, the Collaborative Problem-Solving program is place-based; only those working in their local communities are eligible to apply.

Collaborative Problem-Solving grants are long-term. In the first round of grants, ZSR made grants of $675,000 over five years to each of five communities. ZSR and our implementation partner MDC worked closely with grant partners to create opportunities to learn and connect across communities.

In spring of 2024, ZSR wrapped up its first round of five-year Collaborative Problem-Solving grants and began planning for the second round.

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