Government Alliance on Race and Equity

The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation has a long history of investing in work that promotes racial diversity, inclusion and equity. Now, we are building on these efforts by helping municipalities in North Carolina apply a stronger racial equity lens to their jurisdictions. We are supporting Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE), which helps governments throughout the country increase their capacity to incorporate equity into their work. Our investment is intended to help expand this visionary work to more government entities throughout the state.

Specifically, ZSR is supporting two GARE projects in North Carolina:

An Innovation and Implementation Fund for NC – to provide flexible resources for local governments to seed projects that focus on eliminating structural racism.

A Leaders and Practitioners Convening – to increase understanding of the role, challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities for local government to advance racial equity in North Carolina.

Grant funds for this work have been awarded directly to Race Forward. If you are affiliated with a North Carolina government entity and wish to learn more, apply for funds from the Innovation and Implementation Fund, or attend the Leaders and Practitioners Convening, please contact GARE directly.

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