Program Staff

Tiki Windley

Tiki T. Windley joins the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation with more than 16 years of serving in the nonprofit sector, helping underserved residents attain the resources needed to create the change they wanted to see in their communities. Her grandmother instilled a passion and commitment to help those in need in her at a young age. As a result, Tiki decided to address the social and economic injustices she witnessed by working to provide people with access to the resources needed to make a positive change in their lives.

Alexandria Jones

Alexandria Jones comes to the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation with nearly two decades of experience in social justice-based non-profits with a focus on racial and economic justice and workers’ rights.

Alex began social justice work in rural Philippines in conjunction with a local team to facilitate human rights and economic justice trainings for agricultural and indigenous communities working to develop strategies to preserve their land and stop community displacement by trans-national agricultural and mining companies.

Eniris Delgado-Riddick

Eniris Delgado-Riddick came to the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation with more than 12 years of experience serving in the non-profit sector, advocating for the LatinX/Immigrant community, helping underserved families to become self-sufficient.

Joanna Martinez

Joanna Martinez joined the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation as a Fellow in July 2022. Born and raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Joanna received a Bachelor of Arts in History from North Carolina A&T State University in Fall 2020. During her undergraduate, she completed the 2020 Public Policy and International Affairs Summer Institute. She has actively had a passion for research, service, justice, and policy.

Sorien Schmidt

Sorien Schmidt came to the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation with a broad range of experience in the nonprofit sector, from public policy and data analysis to coalition building on topics ranging from economic security to juvenile justice to health insurance coverage. Most recently, Sorien served as the North Carolina State Director of Enroll America where she managed staff and volunteers working statewide to hold conversations with more than 200,000 North Carolinians in-person and by phone regarding Affordable Care Act health insurance coverage.

Tom Lambeth

Tom Lambeth joined the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation in 1978 as executive director and now continues to serve as director emeritus. Throughout his career, Tom has dedicated himself to the people of North Carolina in a variety of capacities. He has worked on the campaign staff of gubernatorial candidate Terry Stanford, served as assistant to the chair of the NC Democratic Party, and was administrative assistant to Governor Sanford. From 1965 to 1969, Tom was an administrator at the Smith Richardson Foundation in Greensboro, and from 1969 to 1978, he worked as administrative assistant to U.S.

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