Honoring Leslie Winner A career that mattered for students, education, North Carolina

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Tribute to ZSR's Executive Director Leslie Winner by Mebane Rash, executive director of EducationNC and former ZSR Community Leadership Council member

Leslie Winner always has been bigger than life to me.

My love affair with politics and policy began sitting under the table at the Charlotte Convention Center waiting for Betty Chafin Rash’s election returns in the mid-to-late 1970s. Betty is my step-mom, and she was part of a crew of young female warriors that led the way in Charlotte and our state as they learned to work, and work together, for a better North Carolina. Part of the second wave of feminism, they were smart, brave, hard working, and feisty, which proved to be a formidable mix. Often, from underneath the table, I was looking up to them. Literally.

Leslie was one of those warriors. She still is.

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