Supporting Black-Led Change in Our Hometown ZSR announces $300,000 gift to Winston-Salem Foundation’s Black Philanthropy Initiative


Photo caption: Tiffany Waddell Tate, LaTida Smith, Joy Vermillion Heinsohn and Shamika Munnings at the Black Philanthropy Initiative (BPI) annual fundraising event in Winston-Salem. Photo courtesy of Winston-Salem Foundation


The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation’s (ZSR’s) Board of Trustees recently awarded $300,000 to the Winston-Salem Foundation’s Black Philanthropy Initiative (BPI).  

BPI is a 100% Black-led initiative that is explicitly focused on grantmaking and programming that strengthens our local Black communities. The initiative is a great example of participatory grantmaking and one way that philanthropy can help shift power, so that grant decisions are made by those who are most proximate to the needs of their communities. 

BPI also shows what can happen when people in our hometown of Winston-Salem come together to tackle the most pressing issues in our community. We are thrilled to support this important work. 

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