VIDEO: Yadkin Riverkeeper

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The Yadkin Pee Dee River Basin is North Carolina's second largest basin, including 5,862 stream miles and 22,988 lake acres, and spanning 21 counties and 93 municipalities. The River Basin covers approximately 7,221 square miles of North Carolina. The current population within the basin is about 1.6 million, with an average population density of 222 persons per square mile.

The Yadkin River is not only a source of recreation, but also serves as the lifeblood to surrounding communities. About 80 percent of Winston-Salem's drinking water comes from the river, so many residents in and around the area have a stake in ensuring that it stays clean. The Yadkin Riverkeeper looks out for the health of the river, making certain that there is a voice for the river whenever there is a decision that comes up that might impact the water that many North Carolinians drink and depend on every day.