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MeckEd is committed to supporting strong public schools by educating and engaging the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community.

VIDEO: Central Park NC (STARworks)

Central Park NC is home to STARworks, a business incubator that is designed to serve the creative, agricultural, and alternative energy sectors of the region’s economy. STARworks seeks to advance Central Park NC’s strategy by providing a focused means of growing and developing creative enterprises and individuals for placement in the downtowns of its small communities and to prepare agricultural entrepreneurs to replace the farmers who are retiring.

VIDEO: Aspiring Superintendent Fellows Program

The quality of education a young person gets is grounded in what happens in a classroom and within that school. Research shows that retaining strong teachers and principals requires a big picture, holistic leader, who takes the form of a superintendent. The goal of the Aspiring Superintendent Fellows Program is to develop a solid pool of candidates who are ready to lead North Carolina school districts.

Community Success Initiative

Meet Dennis Gaddy. Gaddy is the executive director of Community Success Initiative – a ten-year-old nonprofit charged with the mission of helping formerly incarcerated men and women get back on their feet once released from prison. Gaddy believes in second chances. He says he was fortunate enough to get one and is committed to helping others get one too.

Center for Participatory Change

Center for Participatory Change (CPC) works to strengthen grassroots capacity, build collective power, and create equity in Western North Carolina. With assistance from CPC, Green Muse - a worker-owned cleaning cooperative in Western NC - continues to grow into a strong, sustainable organization that is poised to expand.

VIDEO: NC Coastal Federation

Oysters are vital to maintaining a sound coastal ecosystem. Healthy populations of oysters indicate a healthy environment. The North Carolina Coastal Federation (NCCF) works to protect and restore NC's coast through education, advocacy and habitat preservation and restoration. Among its many initiatives, NCCF works with citizens to educate and involve them in restoring and protecting the state’s populations of oysters.


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